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Creating Mandalas for 

Balance, Harmony and 


This mini-workshop presentation includes several creative techniques for making Mandalas. The process is a form of self expression that draws out feelings and experiences. The Mandala process, explored by the American Art Therapist Joan Kellog, begins with the concept that making a circle always brings order into life. The circular form used for creating a Mandala organizes perception, thought and physical responses in ways that are beneficial towards engaging the body’s natural healing processes.

The objective of the workshop is to introduce the Mandala as a form of creative self expression which can be calming while providing a soothing balance for self care and personal growth.

This workshop is appropriate for business groups, caregivers, school groups as well as artist groups.

  • All materials will be supplied
  • Groups can be small or up to 20
  • Individual attention is assured
  • This workshop is offered all or half day presentation

If you are interested in scheduling the Mandala Workshop please contact me through the guest book on this web site or email me at

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