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The Painting Room Workshop: 

Spontaneous Expressive Painting

"I have been a painter most of my life, enabling me to experience a profound sense of joy connecting with my creative spirit. In order to share this experience, I developed a process share in the Painting Room - a place where creative energy is explored through painting. It is safe in the Painting Room. It is an environment without criticism, a place to leave interpretations behind, and a place to connect with emotions, feeling and spirit " Patricia Miller

Patricia Miller is a Professional Artist, Art Therapist, Education Specialist. As an artist, she has explored the painting process for over years. As is able to guide individuals through their exploration and reconnection with creativity. Through this process, participants develop deeply personal insight. The process facilitates the authentic self. It is purely an intuitive process - no prior experience with painting is necessary. The workshop inspires creativity and flow, is designed to or unblock the artist within, and allows the learner to experience true creative freedom.

  • Reconnect with your creativity through expressive painting.
  • Find balance in life through creative expression.
  • Paint from the inside out.

This Workshop is appropriate for all kinds of groups from business groups to caregivers, school groups or artist groups. It is not necessary to have any prior experience. The Painting Room can be scheduled as a 3-day-mini workshop or a 5-day workshop.

  • All materials will be supplied
  • Groups can be small or up to 20
  • Individual attention is assured
  • This workshop is offered all or presentation

If you are interested in this please contact me through the guest book on this web site or email me at

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