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Portraiture Workshops presented in a traditional method in oils or pastels.

  • Mini-3-day or 5-day workshop options
  • Working from a live model
  • Individual instruction
  • Small workshop size
  • Class demonstrations: technique as well as model set up and materials
  • Detailed materials list

This Workshop is designed as a step by step process introducing a traditional method to achieve a likeness. The novice as well as the more experienced artist will benefit from this approach. The workshop is designed to begin at 9am till 4pm with a lunch break.

"I have been a professional portrait artist for twenty five years and used a traditional method working in either oils or pastels. I have studied extensively with America's foremost realist painters, including Daniel Greene, Nelson Shanks and Burt Silverman at the Art Students League and the New York Academy of Art." Patricia Miller

If you are interested in scheduling this workshop please contact me through the guest book on this web site or email me at

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